About Me


My passion for designing spaces started at a very young age. Drawing and imagining worlds, building castles, disassembling toys, seeing how different times of the day influence the places I have built.

Feeling hypnotized by cinema and theater during school, I attended a contemporary dance company. There, we prepared the choreographies, the scenery and the lighting together.

While I was dancing, I closed my eyes and dreamed of other realities and other possible worlds.

I was trained in Visual Arts, Dance and Architecture. I have worked in film, advertising, television and theater for the last XX years.

I started working as an art director and production designer in 2007. Since then, I have consistently worked in this field on commercials, feature films, music videos, and theater projects.

I have worked in the Argentine market and in projects for France, Austria, Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico and Brazil. Other projects have also taken me to Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia to film.

In addition to designing for commercials and films, I am actively involved in Art Work, where teamwork is one of my main interests.

Every job is an opportunity to feel that I am a painter, a castle builder, a toy designer. I also believe that each job always brings in a new challenge and a new learning experience. I love discovering artists, friends and I value the creative relationships that I have been able to build over the years.